The No Lost Generation Student Initiative is an autonomous movement of student activists, created to support the mission of the No Lost Generation Initiative. The Student Initiative operates with the full support of the organizations that back the original No Lost Generation Initiative, even though they are separate entities. Background on the broader No Lost Generation Initiative is below. 

The No Lost Generation initiative was launched by partners in 2013 to focus attention on the plight of children affected by the Syria and Iraq crisis. By articulating real concerns about the possible ‘loss’ of a generation of children to the effects of violence and displacement, the initiative put education and child protection at the centre of the response inside Syria and across the 5 refugee hosting countries (Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt). 

Since then, the conflict in Syria, as well as violence across Iraq, has worsened. Despite all efforts, the situation for children and youth inside the countries, as well as for many across the sub-region, is desperate. More needs to be done to expand delivery and to improve the quality of services so that communities are better served in the mid to long term. Equally, there is a need to further involve adolescents and youth in processes that affect their lives, as well as through livelihood opportunities. The ultimate aim is to provide opportunities for children and youth affected by the crisis in Syria and Iraq to heal learn and develop again.

Executive Board


Sora Heo

Executive Director

Sora is a sophomore studying International Studies-Political Science and Arabic. Born and raised in Chicago, she possesses a deep rooted zeal for uplifting displaced communities and the immigrant community. In the future, she plans on pursuing a career in foreign service or public service to advocate for human/civil rights and create change into concrete policy. 


Maya Lu

Internal Director 

Maya is a third-year studying Political Science and Data Science. Over the years, she has developed a passion for the field of migration through taking relevant courses, volunteerism, internships with human trafficking and immigrant legal services, and research on U.S. immigration policy. She aspires to utilize data science to advocate for marginalized migrants by influencing policy and services in the U.S. and abroad. 

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Michael Murphy

Partnership Director

Mike is a fourth-year studying Sociocultural Anthropology. His research interests include ethnographic methods, identity construction, migration, transnationalism, and multiculturalism with emphasis on the Middle East and Arab communities. Very broadly, his research focuses on the meeting and transfer of cultures and means of producing communities and self-identities. In addition, Mike is passionate about field work and promotes the significance of storytelling and folklore.

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Bing Rethy

Outreach Director

Bing is a BA/MIA candidate studying International Studies-Political Science; she is in her fourth year in an accelerated 5-year joint program. In the future, Bing hopes to pursue a career in international development and NGO management. Well traveled and culturally competent, Bing speaks English, French, and Chinese and she has just returned to campus after studying abroad in multiple countries. Her hobbies include lacrosse, going to brunch with friends, true crime, karaoke, and being "comfy." 


Inaaya Hassan

Finance Director

Inaaya is a third-year studying sociology with a focus on law and society. Having grown up in a Muslim immigrant family, she felt deeply connected to the refugee crisis in the Middle East. Through internships with local NGOs and ongoing participation in the Mexican Field Migration Program at UCSD, she hopes to continue her work in the non-profit sector to help refugees and asylum seekers both locally and abroad. Additionally, she aspires a career in immigration law to contribute to the efforts along the U.S. / Mexico border to address the current humanitarian crisis.


Dayan Pacheco

Public Relations Director

Dayan is a third-year studying Political Science with a focus on Public Law and a minor in Human Rights & Migration. As an immigrant herself, she understands and feels deeply for less fortunate communities that are struggling to find their place in society. She hopes to become a civil rights or immigration lawyer and work towards eradicating injustices that prevail in our communities.